Welcome to Blush.

We live in a fast paced world, one that is convenience based, at Blush we like to take you back to the basics, good healthy products and a healthy knowledge of what your skin, body and mind require in order to cope with life. We are extremely passionate about lowering the chemical load on the skin and we want to therefore help everyone understand the importance of chemical free or at least reducing your chemical environment and in return the stress on one's body. 

When we think of the skin I think it’s taken for granted a lot, it’s there it allows you to feel, but I don’t know whether people really consider it in the same class as our heart, kidneys or liver, and it should be, the skin is our largest organ and capable of so many wonderful functions.

Research has shown that what we put on our skin, our hair and our bodies, the food we choose to eat, our toothpaste and many other products have a direct impact on our health and quality of life.

So let's make an effort to reduce our chemical intake by being aware, being educated and caring about ourselves and our children.

At Blush we can provide you with guidence, certified natural products for your skin and body, inside and out, and quality treatments from passionate knowledgeable therapists.